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Gone But Not Forgotten
Over the years the art world has lost several artists whose art hang in the homes of many art collectors.  Memories of these artists live on in their bodies of  work. Many of these works are still available for purchase.

May they rest in peace..
Ernie Barnes
Sugar Shack 
(Open Edition)
Main Street Pool Hall
HC- Pencil Signed
The Bench
Pencil Signed
Varnette Honeywood
Also available:
Faith is the Power (signed)
Club Alabam (signed)
Snuff Dippers (signed)
Honor the Sabbath
Hearts Makes Friends (signed)
Old Fashion Dinner Party (signed)
Like Father, Like Son (signed)
African Woman (signed)
Double Dare
Jesus Loves Me (signed)
Leave No Child Behind (signed)
Dixie Peach
Classical Suite
Thank-you Lord
Greens For Money,
 Peas For Luck (signed)
Gossip in the Sanctuary (signed)
Rap Street (signed)
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Note: All signed art has been pencil signed by the artist.